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Montevideo Elementary

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    Kindergarten Orientation Presentation

    Welcome to Kindergarten Presentation


    enrollment procedures

    Please see the district website enrollment page in order to enroll your student for Montevideo School. 

    • We are accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year.
    • Please read the enrollment instructions carefully as they have changed due to shelter-in-place restrictions.  
    • Parents will need to download information during the registration process.  Please make sure to have the following items downloaded in PDF format (The Adobe Scan app works well):
      • Driver's License or Passport for Parent(s)
      • Rental Agreement (signed)/Mortgage Statement or Grant Deed for primary address
      • PG&E or Water Bill (you may wait on this if you just moved in)
      • Student's Birth Certificate or Passport
      • Immunization Records for the Student

    Please email if you have any questions. 



    About Our School

    Montevideo - About us

    Montevideo Elementary School serves the area east of Interstate 680 and west of Alcosta Boulevard. Our northern boundary is Bollinger Canyon Road and the southern boundary generally includes the residential areas adjacent to Montevideo Drive.

    Here at Montevideo we firmly believe:

    - Every child deserves a free and top quality education.
    - ALL students can learn when learning is relevant.
    - The California State Standards provide equity, opportunity, access to higher level thinking and a rigorous education for all.
    - Character development and rigorous academics are equally important in preparing our students for secondary school, college and the workforce
    - Students flourish when education includes art, music, science and social science
    - Parent participation is key to student success.
    - Education leads to advancement and provides choices for all students.