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Taking Steps Together Towards Safer Schools
Posted 9/18/19


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District recognizes that we need to employ a multi-faceted approach to keep our schools safe. This approach includes partnerships and conversations with all stakeholders. Throughout this year, we will continue to update our community with information about our ongoing efforts to make our campuses safe for everyone.


As part of its overall plan to keep our campuses safe, based on research and expert input, the District has taken the following measures to increase safety on our campuses:

  • Partnered with local law enforcement to conduct comprehensive inter-agency active shooter response drills on our campuses

  • Launched threat assessment teams to support students and watch for red flags

  • Fencing and video surveillance equipment on all of our campuses (in progress)

  • Implemented increased security measures to regulate access to our campuses

    • Entrance through main office only during the school day

    • Guest pass ID swipe and badge system

  • Added additional school counselors

  • Made the instruction of social emotional learning a priority at all grade levels

  • Installed an AnonymousTipline on every school website

We often get questions about how parents can help support the District’s efforts to create a safe environment at our schools. Some of the things that you can do to help our efforts include:

  • Support a culture of “If you see something, or know something, say something” by talking to your kids at home about the importance of sharing information

  • Encourage responsible firearm storage

    • Secure all firearms and ammunition in homes and in vehicles

    • Learn safe gun handling practices

    • Ask about unsecured guns in homes where your children will be

  • Make sure that your emergency contact information is up to date in our parent portal and that you have not unsubscribed from School Messenger emails so that you are sure to receive District messages in the case of an emergency.


Additional Resources:

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