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Message from Superintendent Rick Schmitt in response to recent events
Posted 6/2/20

I know that we are all deeply affected by the recent public death of George Floyd. The reaction of so many in this country has created a ground swell that, as educators, we have an obligation to acknowledge and act upon. I reach out today to reassure our community that we are listening. We see you. We hear you.


The SRVUSD education community stands united in its commitment to combat racism, bigotry, bias and discrimination in all forms. As a District, we have done much work in this area, but we fully accept that we can do more. Our schools have an important role to play in making sure that the change that we need to see can come to fruition. If we are truly going to make progress in eliminating racism, we must understand its history in our country and talk about it openly. I am proud of the educators in our District for their unwavering commitment to address these topics as part of their everyday work. I am proud of the students of this district, who have driven much of the work that has been done.


As a District, we are committed to reevaluating our practices to further these conversations so that they lead to real change. As our partners in your child’s education, I encourage you, as families, to talk with your children about what they may be seeing or hearing with regard to these incidents. Reinforce the ideals and beliefs that you embrace as a family. Talk about how those ideals and beliefs translate into the community and everyday life. Please remind your students that they have the ability to make a positive impact. Each act of kindness, each denouncement of racism, hatred or discrimination paves a path for healing and empowers them to make a difference.


The issues that we are tackling are deeply rooted in our society. The path to equity is paved in the actions of the many. Through their actions, we are witnesses to democracy. We are witnesses to the power of the collective voice. As a District, we hear this voice, we see these actions and we commit to furthering our work with students to denounce racism and promote justice for all.